peaceful serenity.

wind through my hair,
blowing it everywhere..
look up at the sky,
and whisper “hi.”

the sunset You made,
was perfect and great..
the colors swirled,
and the clouds twirled.

the top was back,
quietness no longer lacked..
as I took a deep breath in,
I closed my eyes and began to spin.

no longer were my shoulders heavy..
no longer my knees weak..
because now I stand steady,
for it was You I began to seek.

You came inside and took away,
all the hurt i thought would stay.
as the tears I cried I thought were on going..
you took inside your hands, me not knowing.

I took you for granted and you still gave..
above and beyond, and always stayed
with me until i fell asleep..
held me in Your arms, to keep.

I opened my eyes to feel my face expand..
because of the smile to see Your hand..
forever I’ll always love you..
and forever I’ll try and remain true.

sunsets never looked so vibrant,
and Your love never felt like a tyrant.
but tonight I stand amazed..
at the love You so wonderfully gave.

wind in my hair, blowing on my face..
stay with me, in my secret place.


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