Smiles for Miles #1:)

Hello hello!
I pray everyone had a fabulous day!

Today, I picked the name of this “ministry” or whatever this is going to be:)
It will be called Smiles for Miles.
I now have names of people to get in contact with that are missionaries that are stationed around the globe. Paraguay, Cambodia, Philippines, Kenya and various others as well. I might have a few for Uruguay, as well as Panama..and let me tell you..I am STOKED about this! God is providing so much already..i have almost 3 or 4 more people that want to donate stuffed animals..and this is JUST DAY ONE!! How AWESOME is that??

IF you would like to donate ANY stuffed animals, contact me ASAP! They can be big, small, old, new, bears, tigers, dogs, cats..ANYTHING! They will be going to little kids that have they will be happy with ANYTHING!

My next step is to start contacting places, and individuals that can either sponsor, or donate for the cost of the shipping:) Which, I KNOW God will provide and send me to the right people:)

If you can help in ANY way let me know ASAP!
Facebook me or Myspace me! I’m on both! I will keep you guys updated!

Keep me and the others that will be involved in this, in your prayers! You WILL be blessed!




One Response to “Smiles for Miles #1:)”

  1. Dad (Craig Cummings) Says:

    Haylei: What an awesome website. You have a lot going on, here. Wow.

    I’m all in support of Smiles for Miles. I’ll do what I can, for sure. I have a good friend; you may remember him. Jason T. Long, his wife Toby and daughter Brianna are going to Thailand as missionaries in September. I’m not quite sure of their mission scope other than they are targeting young kids – I believe < 14 years old. He doen't have all his sponsor money yet but I'll send him a note to let him know what you're doing [in case he doesn't already know; he's on FB]. I love you.

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