Smiles for Miles Update:)

Alright:) So here is an update on the latest with Smiles for Miles:)

I have the privilege of working with Paul Dyar, as well as a missions trip team from Lee who will be going to Honduras:)
Here is what he informed me, on how the stuffed animals will be used.
“We would give them out at the Gov. orphanage. There are several, but the one that we work with has 130 children, from babies to 10 years old. These kids rarely get anything and I am sure it would put some big smiles on their faces.

Alsop, if there are more, then we could give them to the children at the school for the Bordo children. These kids are raised on the river in shacks with dirt floors with usually 6-10 people living in one room. I know they would love to receive a gift.”

sweet love

I will also have a privelage in working with Jeff Young, in Cambodia. I don’t have details on the children he is working with yet, but as soon as I do, I will let everyone know:)

These are just the couple that have contacted me so far! I KNOW that there are more out there! And I am doing what I can to seek them out.

hope established:)

Also, I have several people who are donating stuffed animals. So far, I think it’s around 7, 8 if you include me.
DO NOT LET IT STOP THERE! 🙂 YOU can be a BIG help to a child! Give what you can, even if it’s a few! They WILL be appreciated, and you WILL be blessed!

Just remember this:
This project/ministry will be making smiles come to life…while putting hope in their hearts.


What more could you ask for?

If you need to get in contact with me, I am on Facebook, as well as Myspace.
You can also follow me on Twitter. [**CLICK LINKS TO ADD FRIEND AND FOLLOW!**]

I have a special e-mail that I will be using for this ministry project, so write it down, save it…just somehow REMEMBER IT!:)

Thanks guys! I look forward to hearing from you!
Remember…they need love, hope, and a smile every now and then too.

sweet hope



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