God Provided:) S4M

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So, here is the new update, for those of you bloggers reading out there:)

As of last night, I counted over 220 stuffed animals. My living room, was completely filled thanks to Amanda Trevena, my Uncle Donnie with Fire Station 1, Ruthie Forgey with The Salvation Army, Phil Brown and Mario Hood. And that was only last night. I still have MINE to count!

So…with counting all of those last night…I thought to myself, “I really need a storage unit. I can’t wait to legalize this for the tax forms..I need one ASAP. Lord…I need your help please!” And that’s exactly what He did.

I went into the storage place that my mom, as well as my office uses for storage, and talk to Ms. Barb:) Probably one of the sweetest ladies to ever be on this earth, and just happens to be in little ol’ Cleveland. I talked to her, told her about Smiles for Miles, and that I needed a storage unit, about a 5×10 if possible. She said that she had some openings, and it would be $55 monthly. I said, “That’s perfect. When can I have it?” She said, “We usually give the first month free, but ask you to pay the second month in advance, so we aren’t jipped.” Which is understandable. I asked if I could pay on Thursday (today), since I get paid on Thursdays, and she said, not a problem. We then got off topic somehow, and got into a long conversation. I was there an hour and didn’t even know it! After we had talked, I went over what I wrote down, so I made sure I didn’t forget anything. She then said, “You know what, I’m going to give you the rest of this month, as well as next month free. And you know..I’m not going to make you pay the $55 until October 1st. Don’t worry about it until then.” I about dropped to the floor. I thanked her, took my key, and left. Called my mom, joy and excitement overflowing..and then went home.

Now, if you don’t believe that was God, I have more.
I received a call today, at 12:44 pm. I was eating lunch with my family, hearing all the stories about when my mom and aunt were younger, and hearing about Brian and that darn cat BJ. It was hilarious. I was in the middle of laughing when I answered. It was Ms. Barb, and she said she had some news to tell me. She said, “I talked to Mr. Brown yesterday evening, and told him what you are starting up, and what you’re using the storage for. He told me to call and tell you, that we aren’t going to charge you until December.” I said, “You mean, I have until December first free!?” She said, “Well, he’s just going to let you have that. And if we need to use it, we will call and notify you, and put you in another one, big or small. Small being temporary until we can get you a bigger one. But yes, it’s free.” I told her what a blessing this was, and that I prayed that they would be greatly blessed and highly favored for what they had just given me! I then proceeded over to Ms. Barb’s building, walked in and gave you one BIG hug! She then asked me if I had gotten a lock yet, and I told her no, I was waiting till I received my paycheck today. She then finds an extra lock, and just gives it to me.

So lets see. 220 animals in one day.
A free 5×10 storage unit.
Then to top it all off, a free lock.
If you don’t believe that was God, you’re blind.

God provided TREMENDOUSLY!
So thanks to all of you who have been praying for this ministry and for me! You are so appreciated! I look forward to telling you all more!

Remember, live love…and love life.



The Latest.

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Alright, so..it’s been a pretty crazy week to say the least. Smiles for Miles kinda laid low on the radar of my life, as finding a new place with my sister and mom, took precedence  over everything. Not to mention the moving in, which was killer. But, thankfully, we are basically all moved in and loving our new place. The next thing that took over, almost everything for the time being, was the passing of one of my dear friends, Spencer Kile Alford. Don’t ask me questions, just go here. But there’s life in death, and I’m rejoicing in the Lord, because I know he is in a better place. I love and miss him dearly, as does his other friends and family, but knowing that the joy, strength and peace of the Lord comes when I call His name, gets my through. For He is the I am, as King has reminded me, quite a bit.

SO! This brings me to my update for Smiles for Miles.
I have to get Smiles for Miles legalized as a non-profit organization, before I can get any tax write off forms, or basically anything else to do with that. From what I’m told, it’s going to take any where from 2 to possibly 4 or 5 months. So, for those of you reading, be praying that I am able to find an attorney that’s not only quick at what he/she does, but that it won’t cost me an arm and a leg..maybe even some toes. haha! Thank you in advance, for all of your prayers.

Also, I am getting stuffed animals like CRAZY! It’s AWESOME! I have bags, soon to be BARRELS full! Literally!! Miss Ruthie is going to be giving me BARRELS! How awesome is that?? But DO NOT LET IT STOP THERE! I can ALWAYS use more! I will find somewhere bigger to store them, as soon as possible. As of right now, they’re at my house, in my closet. haha:)

Last but not least, Charity Graff in Philippines as well as Paul Stockard in Paraguay have both contacted me this morning. Charity is over Gentle Hands, which I believe is a deaf orphanage. Paul is over Children of the Dump…and I think that name says everything needed. So what this now means, is that I have 2 more locations to send smiles and hope to. But, the catch is, they can’t come in the states and get them, they have to be shipped out, which is going to cost, quite a bit. But once again, I know God is going to supply the means in which this can be possible. Not sure how, but I remember seeing it, and I’m trusting and having faith, that He’s taking care of it:)

Thank you to all of you who are supporting me in this, and backing me up! Also, thank you to all who are donating animals, as well as anything else! You will be abundantly blessed! Remember, we aren’t just sending smiles, we are sending hope. If not for their future, just for tomorrow.


Smiles for Miles Update:)

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Alright:) So here is an update on the latest with Smiles for Miles:)

I have the privilege of working with Paul Dyar, as well as a missions trip team from Lee who will be going to Honduras:)
Here is what he informed me, on how the stuffed animals will be used.
“We would give them out at the Gov. orphanage. There are several, but the one that we work with has 130 children, from babies to 10 years old. These kids rarely get anything and I am sure it would put some big smiles on their faces.

Alsop, if there are more, then we could give them to the children at the school for the Bordo children. These kids are raised on the river in shacks with dirt floors with usually 6-10 people living in one room. I know they would love to receive a gift.”

sweet love

I will also have a privelage in working with Jeff Young, in Cambodia. I don’t have details on the children he is working with yet, but as soon as I do, I will let everyone know:)

These are just the couple that have contacted me so far! I KNOW that there are more out there! And I am doing what I can to seek them out.

hope established:)

Also, I have several people who are donating stuffed animals. So far, I think it’s around 7, 8 if you include me.
DO NOT LET IT STOP THERE! 🙂 YOU can be a BIG help to a child! Give what you can, even if it’s a few! They WILL be appreciated, and you WILL be blessed!

Just remember this:
This project/ministry will be making smiles come to life…while putting hope in their hearts.


What more could you ask for?

If you need to get in contact with me, I am on Facebook, as well as Myspace.
You can also follow me on Twitter. [**CLICK LINKS TO ADD FRIEND AND FOLLOW!**]

I have a special e-mail that I will be using for this ministry project, so write it down, save it…just somehow REMEMBER IT!:)


Thanks guys! I look forward to hearing from you!
Remember…they need love, hope, and a smile every now and then too.

sweet hope


Smiles for Miles #1:)

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Hello hello!
I pray everyone had a fabulous day!

Today, I picked the name of this “ministry” or whatever this is going to be:)
It will be called Smiles for Miles.
I now have names of people to get in contact with that are missionaries that are stationed around the globe. Paraguay, Cambodia, Philippines, Kenya and various others as well. I might have a few for Uruguay, as well as Panama..and let me tell you..I am STOKED about this! God is providing so much already..i have almost 3 or 4 more people that want to donate stuffed animals..and this is JUST DAY ONE!! How AWESOME is that??

IF you would like to donate ANY stuffed animals, contact me ASAP! They can be big, small, old, new, bears, tigers, dogs, cats..ANYTHING! They will be going to little kids that have NOTHING..so they will be happy with ANYTHING!

My next step is to start contacting places, and individuals that can either sponsor, or donate for the cost of the shipping:) Which, I KNOW God will provide and send me to the right people:)

If you can help in ANY way let me know ASAP!
Facebook me or Myspace me! I’m on both! I will keep you guys updated!

Keep me and the others that will be involved in this, in your prayers! You WILL be blessed!



enlightened vision.

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I have a lot of stuffed animals..that I JUST recently thought about..and what to do with them all..i’m talkin big boxes of just a lot of stuffed animals, that honestly, I haven’t even looked at in what..5 years? yeah..there’s no need keeping them that long.

My name is Haylei Cummings, and for those of you reading out there, I’m here to change the world with, one step, vision, word and dream at a time.
If you would like to do the same, here’s how you can help.

I’m going to be starting up..SOMETHING..where I will be able to send stuffed animals overseas, for kids in need. I’ve heard so much lately that parents don’t know what to do with their son or daughter’s old stuffed animals, and today, you will know what to do. KEEP YOUR EARS OPEN! You WILL be hearing of this soon. It DOES NOT have a name yet, but it will in the next few days to come. I’m getting in touch with others, as well as couples that make trips to various places over seas..and I will be able to give them these “smile blessings” as I like to think of them, to the cute little kids, that are much less fortunate than us.

Again, KEEP YOUR EARS OPEN AND YOUR EYES HERE! Because there will be more info to come.

If you need to get in touch with me..contact me on:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Haylei-Cummings/1503480145?ref=search
Or Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/lh2o_lover

Thanks to all of you in advance, and I hope to hear from you soon:) Continue reading

peaceful serenity.

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wind through my hair,
blowing it everywhere..
look up at the sky,
and whisper “hi.”

the sunset You made,
was perfect and great..
the colors swirled,
and the clouds twirled.

the top was back,
quietness no longer lacked..
as I took a deep breath in,
I closed my eyes and began to spin.

no longer were my shoulders heavy..
no longer my knees weak..
because now I stand steady,
for it was You I began to seek.

You came inside and took away,
all the hurt i thought would stay.
as the tears I cried I thought were on going..
you took inside your hands, me not knowing.

I took you for granted and you still gave..
above and beyond, and always stayed
with me until i fell asleep..
held me in Your arms, to keep.

I opened my eyes to feel my face expand..
because of the smile to see Your hand..
forever I’ll always love you..
and forever I’ll try and remain true.

sunsets never looked so vibrant,
and Your love never felt like a tyrant.
but tonight I stand amazed..
at the love You so wonderfully gave.

wind in my hair, blowing on my face..
stay with me, in my secret place.