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The main element here, is Green.

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Your purpose was not to be what this world wants you to be but what His eyes saw and His hands molded you to be. You were put on this world for a purpose greater than any on mans eyes could see. Your heart may be broken as you say goodbye, but there is a tomorrow that has your name written upon it. You are defined not by the struggles you face, but how well you carry yourself throughout them. You may be losing family, but they are not gone forever, they are merely going on to the destiny God has placed in their life. They were in your life for a season and a reason and to make you stronger. To bring you a set of guidelines and to get you started. It’s not about the quality of the boat that has been given to you, it’s what you do with it is how you will be remembered. Your boat right now are the guidelines that this family has brought into our lives and the lessons that we have learned in the 13 years we have shadowed under them. Your destiny is not about the people who have been brought into your life, but what you do with them.

You have only one life, so what will you do with it?
Your impossible situation, is God’s way of getting you to HIS destination.

Along with those words, I leave you with a poem.

Your heart may be broken,
But His love is the greatest token.
Your burden may be too heavy,
But by His steps we remain steady.
One man made a difference in you,
Now take his teachings and keep them through
your biggest trials, think and thin,
Because with that and Him,
You’ll surely win.
Your heart remains in His hands,
Just remember there’s only one set of prints in the sand.
Be strong dear daughter for you are mine,
I’ve given you a light so let it shine.
Be strong my dear son,
For your life has only just begun.

This goes out to my newly found family at Westmore..and mainly to my peeps at The Element. If you are reading this…know that this only makes you stronger. I was in your very shoes just a year and 8 months ago. I know what you’re feeling. And I will be honest with hurts..and is going to hurt for a little while. But it DOES get better. You are made stronger through it. Your head may be held low, but He will come pick you up by the chin and tell you, “Dear child of mine, I love you. I will never leave you.” And that my dear friends, is the greatest thing to hear from your heavenly Father and friend at that time. My heart breaks for those of you that looked to the Green family, as YOUR family…and more Robert as a father figure, or another parent. Know this, HE LOVES YOU TOO! If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have prayed over EACH and EVERY one of you! That says a lot right there!
You WILL make it through HIS time..until then, you’ve got me, and I know a leadership team as well as friends behind you, that will back you up, build you up, and help you up:)

Secondly, for those other bloggers out there reading this..I was just going to post this as a note on my facebook..just for my Westmore gang..and I just couldn’t do it. Someone out there reading this…this was for YOU! You were MEANT to read this…whether you know me, or not. I’m not exactly sure who it was for..but I know that it is going to speak volumes in your life. You have to have faith as it talks about all throughout Hebrews. Faith isn’t always easy. Hebrews 11 states that is believing in something that isn’t there at that moment. No, you may not have after job tomorrow, but you have a God and a Heavenly Father that loves you and that’s going to see you through, and send you where you’re needed…wanted. No, your son or daughter may not be home tomorrow, but there is an angel protecting them from harm and danger till they’re safe in YOUR arms. No, he or she may not stop hitting you tomorrow…but one day very soon you will be free. Don’t take that lightly! Whoever that was that I just spoke to with that last sentence, DO NOT TAKE THAT LIGHTLY! “yeah, right. like i haven’t heard that before. whatever.” umm…no. He promised you that you would do great things..and that you will. “I AM, THAT, I AM.”


No drug can make you feel like He can. No amount of alcohol can give you the buzz that He can only create. That knife will NEVER be able to cut deep enough to release the pain you feel. The mirror will never tell you you’re good enough.  Those pills, only last for a few hours.
MY God, lasts for an eternity. Whether you want to believe it or not. And I’ll say it again, it doesn’t matter what denomination you are from. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, or what your background is. We are all given a boat, and are supposed to use it…regardless of the holes, ducktape, tears in the sale or the size for that matter! We are to use it to the best of our ability. You make it what you want..better make it what He instructs you to make it. So what if you don’t have the materials now, He always provides somehow.


Be ready for the storm of His Love that is about to flood your life.
Remember, Live Love and Love Life.



Warning: Explicit Content

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I was talking to one of my friends on Facebook this morning, and it was one really awesome, and in depth conversation. Please prepare yourself for what you are about to read, for it is blunt and straight forward and WILL stomp on your toes. Pray before you read.

He asked me how Smiles for Miles was coming, and I told him good…just ran into a road block or two, but in His time it will come to pass. With that he said this:
” Really Haylei, you don’t know how proud of you I am for taking this big step. It’s not even because you’re helping kids. It’s because you’re making a statement. The statement you’re making is Christianity isn’t just about not sinning and sitting on the pew every Sunday. It’s about taking action and really showing the love of Christ. I want to thank you for jumping out there and taking a risk like you have. That’s what following Christ is, it’s about taking risks. I think that the modern church has gotten comfortable with playing it safe and sitting inside the church. They forget that Jesus said if we follow him we are taking a major risk. Following Christ is dangerous business.”
He read me like a book. I told him that I am tired of people talking about change, and revival, and this and that…but just sitting back and not doing a thing about it. I have been created to stand out from the crowd, and I plan to do that whether people like it or don’t like it. I’m here to get a Word out, not to entertain or do what is pleasing to someone else’s eye.
He replied, “We so often think that to be a Christian we have to behave a certain way and just make it through our lives without sinning. We aren’t supposed to sin, but that’s only half of it. The next half is acting and like you said “standing out”. Just because you’re not doing anything wrong doesn’t mean you are doing anything right.”
Please re-read that last sentence.

Just because you’re not doing anything wrong…
DOESN’T mean you’re doing anything right.
I think that if we took a step back as not just one person, but as a body of Christ, we might just learn a thing or two. No, you may not being doing anything wrong…but it certainly doesn’t mean that doing NOTHING is okay either. hello?
I got my faith as well as some of my beliefs challenged quite a bit this past week. I honestly, thought it wasn’t possible for me to shake in my boots. I thought I was pretty darn sturdy for my age. I thought wrong, and boy was it a wake up call.
Let me make something clear to those reading, I do not like having denominations. Period. The end. Fin. All done.
Church of God isn’t better than Baptist, and Methodists aren’t any better than Catholics. We are ALL one body under Him, and He loves us regardless of how we Praise Him. WE split that up ourselves. My book cover may say Church of God and Pentecostal, but it doesn’t mean my pages say everything that that doctrine of theirs does. I may have been born and raised in Church of God, but that doesn’t mean I have the exact same views and outlooks as they do. Yes, I believe in a lot of things that they do, but it doesn’t mean that I think differently about everyone else. If you have seen my info on my Facebook, you’ll notice that my religious views state this: I love Jesus with all of my heart:)
Plain. And. Simple.
all make mistakes, mess up, and fall so why point the finger when you haven’t even looked in the mirror yet? And when you DO decide to look in that mirror, and see the person staring back at you…make sure that you can’t point your own finger there..before you go and claim “stone them” on someone else.
Did that get into anyone else’s spirit like it did mine?
Shake anyone up or step on anyone else’s toes?

He said something else that got to me too. He said:

“I have come to realization of so many things. Like what is possible? I used to think that I had to come to terms with what reality is. That like I said earlier, in order to be a good Christian I had to behave a certain way. I had to be a “good boy”. I had to get a good job, support a family, and then die with as little sins as possible. That was my “purpose” in life. But I have realized something else. Jesus was a criminal. He was put on trial for challenging the status quo. If we as the church are supposed to be like Christ, then why aren’t we challenging the status quo? We are viewed as judgmental because many sit back and simply speak out against what we’re against, when instead we should speak up for what we are for. I’m not saying we should accept things like homosexuality and etc. But we should be more focused on standing up for what Christ for. We should be more worried about our brothers and sisters who have been persecuted in other countries. We should be more focused on the millions who are trapped in sex trafficking. We should be more focused on revolutionizing what it means to be a follower of Christ. Followers of Christ should be known for what we stand for, what Christ stood for. Instead we are viewed as judgmental hypocrites.”

That made me think. If we are viewed as judgmental hypocrites, whose fault is that? It’s not the preachers, or the music ministers, the worship team, or the organ player. It’s yours. It’s mine. It’s the fact that we have a voice at a football game and a voice to gossip enough about other people or our “friends,” yet we have no voice to speak His truth, His Word, His blessings…His LIFE. What’s wrong with that picture. I’ll tell you…We have let the world mold this church. Is something wrong with that statement? We have let the WORLD mold us into what it wants us to be. We have allowed them to put tape over our mouths and undo it when they want us to speak. We lack the part where we take it off ourSELVES and take that step of faith and make a radical impact we speak so highly about among our “church friends.” Yes, I said “church friends.” I’m guilty of it too.

He went on in saying, “I want to see a day when Christians are revered for their willpower and determination to make a major impact in the world. Christians used to be seen as trouble makers in the early days. Peter, Paul, etc. were considered trouble makers because they challenged the status quo. They moved people out of their comfortable lives to reveal the truth. I want Christians to be seen as trouble makers again. Like you said, we have to step out in faith.”
He concluded in making this statement which we have all heard at one point or another: “
You can’t walk on water if you never step out of the boat.

I took that statement another step further and said this:
“But you can’t step out on the boat if you never take the boat on the water. Our boat may be wobbly and have some holes in it, but it doesn’t mean we will sink. It simply means we have to actually depend on the One who gave us the darn boat in the first place.”

“Sacrifice what is given to you and you will receive a greater blessing.”
When I sent him that message above in blue, I knew that was a word for someone else. But you wouldn’t have gotten it completely if I just put it as my status. Sometimes you have to endure some things before you get to where He wants you to be. When your place of seating has been taken away from you, the only way for you to go is on your knees. If your knees are bruised, it means you’ve been where He wants you to be. Stop letting the devil tell you that you have been won over all because you’re on your face. Being on your face means you’re seeking HIS face.

I don’t care if you’re 12, 22, or 62 reading this. It goes for everyone. You may not be old enough to get a job, but you’re old enough to be used for His Glory. You may be old enough to retire from your job, but you’re never too old to be used for the Kingdom of Heaven, right here on this earth.

I think that once we start becoming more concerned about what is going on OUTSIDE the church, rather than IN it…is when this country, and this world will begin to see revival. I’m not saying that there aren’t problems we need to take care of in the church, I’m saying we’re getting too caught up in it and making it bigger than what it really is.
We need step out on FAITH, not on “facts” or money, and begin to MAKE the change that we TALK about and want everyone else to do. We need to actually begin to get our hands dirty, instead of having our secretaries, and assistants do it for us. We’re big boys and girls…time to wear the right attire and do it.

I’m taking a step and making the change I want to see, regardless if you support me or not. All that matters is that I have my family behind me 150% and that I have God by my side guiding me where I’m needed…and where His people are hungry for something more than food and water…but the bread of Life and Living Water that is abundantly overflowing.

I posted my Facebook status on Tuesday stating this:
” I want to be poured into and be so overflowing that I pour into others around me. I don’t want to be able to contain my joy, love, vision or passion. I want to be an open vessel woking for His …Glory, and if you can’t handle that, get out of my way because I have my eyes on the greatest prize, and you have no authroity or ability to stop me. I’m HIS precious daughter and He loves me. Get on my level.”
That’s exactly what I want. My level, changes on almost a daily basis. It’s getting set higher with every step I take, mistake I do, and apology I say. If you don’t want to be poured into, fine. But don’t be the barrier on someone elses beaker because you’re too stubborn to have someone else help you. Don’t bring someone down with you to keep you company when you’re too scared to even look up. You’re loved regardless…but you’ll never know till you decide to look up…with your eyes open.

That is all.
Remember, Live Love, and Love Life.
Step out on Hebrews 11:1